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EmComm Companion

This is the training notes developed to support the EC-001 Course material.

EmComm Forms

This zip file contains the forms that are found in the EmComm Companion book.


This zip file contains the ICS Forms found on the FEMA website. They have been cleaned of editing errors and problems.

USCG Manuals

This is compilation of the manuals found on the USCG Home Port website.  The reason for providing these manuals is that the USCG is very strong in the use of the ICS structure. They have spent a decent amount of time and effort in creating these manuals.

USCG Forms

Here are the ICS Forms that the USCG uses.  They are very closely related to the FEMA ICS forms, the only major difference is the addition for the “USCG” added to the form.

USCG Checklist

Since USCG is very strong ICS users they have documented these checklists to help staff members fulfill their tasks. These checklists cover many different areas in the ICS Structure.

Abramson Publications Products

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