This zip contains some of the forms found in the EmComm Companion book. These files are in MS docx and Libre Office odt file formats. They are intended to help and expand your ARES Group’s operations.

The ICS Forms in this download file have been cleaned of the editing errors that were in the original files on the FEMA website. The amount of errors were fat too many to make them usable. All ICS forms found on the FEMA website are included in this download. The files are in the MS Office docx format and the Libre Office odt format.

These zip files contains the ICS Forms and manual that have been generated by the United States Coast Guard. Although they are not in the highlight of ARES training and operations, the Coast Guard has done extensive documentation on the FEMA ICS system.  Whereas FEMA has taken a generic approach the ICS system, the USCG has taken a more detailed and refined approach to the ICS system. For example, FEMA has only one “Planning ‘P'”. USCG has a “P” for everything including the Logistics Section, where we fit into the ICS System.

The contains their manual for the ICS System as an overlook.

The contains their ICS forms which are the FEMA ICS forms.

The USCG JobAids is a job description for almost every title in the system.